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Yoga Nidra. We LOVE this practice. It brings our fleeting thoughts to a halt and helps us focus on our sensations and body. Most of us fall asleep while practicing so we do it at night.

waking up sam harris

Waking up app by Sam Harris. Sam Harris is a scientist, philosopher, and a very intelligent and seemingly humble human. His app contains guided meditation, a podcast with researchers, mathematicians, philosophers, psychologists, etc, and humans who work to help make the world a better place. If we feel lost in the world, this podcast could help us discover others who are like us.


(Amygdala Co nor employees are affiliated, paid, and/or sponsored by recommended meditation practices. We use them at our own will, to calm down and enhance life. If they don’t work for you, don’t use them. If they do, use them often.)

4. Remember that moment's changeWhat were we doing 10 years ago on this day (if today is a special day, pick an arbitrary day)? The point is, we don’t remember most days of our lives, and two days, though maybe similar, have never been the exact same. Isn’t that a wild thought? We may be going through a hard time now, but moments always change.

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Anger is expressed in many ways and produces harmful externalizing behaviors that are sometimes unknowingly passed down generationally. To get rid of anger, we must learn more beneficial behaviors.


Beneficial Behaviors; ways to reduce-to-eliminate anger


1. Walk in nature. Nature can be used to calm down since nature doesn’t expect us to be perfect, provides experiences that may be different from our everyday experiences, and offers access to other living beings apart from humans (i.e. frogs, groundhogs).


2. Deep breathing. Can you feel your diaphragm move when taking deep breaths? If not, see if you can consciously feel your body when purposely breathing.


3. Meditation. It seems like a lot of people have tried meditation but get lost in thoughts. Learning how to meditate, in a personally effective way, takes time. Here are two resources that work for our team and we use to reduce anxieties, anger, and increase calmness, happiness, and appreciation for each moment in life. Remember: it is always a work in progress...



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