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Semi-Bagless Approach to Therapy

Our therapists provide limited PCIT approved toys during therapy, so we focus on routines/behavioral interventions.


"Going bagless means therapy is flexible around the child's needs and the family's goals."

Routines based intervention and coaching represent the early intervention model that we use now. This model is in accordance with best practice, federal, and state laws.


Our therapists and home visitors will help you to promote your child’s development.


This is accomplished when our therapists/home visitors guide you to practice different strategies with your child during everyday activities, like teeth brushing, playing, eating, and anything else you do with your child on a regular basis.


This model of therapy may look different from other approaches. Our therapist/home visitors will use a combination approach of bringing in limited toys and helping you learn new strategies during everyday activities, with the objects in your own home.


When you gain new skills for promoting your child’s development, your child is able to learn from you during dozens of moments throughout the day. This early intervention model recognizes that you know your child better than anyone else and that you are the best teacher for your child.


Is it unreasonable for us to ask you to be open to this new approach?


We’ve taken the time to train our staff and look forward to providing evidence-based family-centered services.

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