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How can we work together? ​

1. Business resources referral system


If you are a mental health provider (i.e., therapist, social worker, speech pathologist, tutor, and/or child-sitter, etc.) in the state of IL, MO, AR, and/or IA, who works with people over the age of 8 (any age for child sitters), connect with us. We are building a network of great behavioral health workers to refer clients.

2. Data collection 

At Amygdala Co, we value data collection because this is one of the best ways to ensure that what we are doing is working. One of our Lead Amygdalas has a Master's degree in Applied Behavioral Health Research from Washington University and collected data with Researchers for 10+ years during her time studying and working with childhood externalizing behaviors (i.e., anxiety, ADHD), using fMRI and EEG. If you are interested in data collection, fill out the following form to start a conversation about your company’s needs.​

3. Volunteer


If you are a business, group, or individual who wants to donate time or assistance to Amygdala Co, we will enjoy connecting with you. We are looking for help with fundraising. 

4. General Midwestern Hello


If you are a human or company trying to do good for the world and want to develop a relationship with a child-parent behavioral health company, message us to connect. We value collaboration.

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