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What is Parent-Child
Interaction Therapy (PCIT)?

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PCIT is an evidence-behavioral therapy for families, with children ages 2-8, to reduce externalizing behaviors (i.e. anger, ADHD).

PCIT has two components: 

  1. Relationship enhancement: Parents/caregivers are taught ways to decrease negative attributions and learn in-the-moment skills for decreasing aggression, anger, sadness, etc. both in children and self. 

  2. Strategies for compliance: Parents learn specific skills for effective discipline and behavioral management.

During PCIT, the parent/caregiver

wears a Bluetooth

while the Clinician provides 

moment-to-moment feedback.

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Results of PCIT 

Reduction in child inattention, outbursts, whining, and other externalizing behaviors
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Enhanced mental health & improved parental perspective towards child post-therapy. 
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Improved family-related happiness in parents and caregivers.
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I have questions or I'd like more info where do I go?

I would like to learn more about Amygdala & externalizing behaviors (i.e. anxiety, ADHD)

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