What is Parent Child

Interaction Therapy (PCIT)?

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PCIT is a behavioral therapy for families, with children ages

2-8, to reduce externalizing behaviors (i.e. anger, anxiety).

PCIT has two components: 

  1. Relationship enhancement: Parents are taught how to decrease negative attributions towards children and to encourage and promote communication skills. ​

  2. Strategies for compliance: Parents learn specific skills for effective discipline and behavioral management.

During PCIT, the parent/caregiver

wears a listening device,

such as a Bluetooth,

which allows the therapist 

to provide moment-to-moment

feedback, to help child interaction,

in real time.

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Results of PCIT 

Reduction in child inattention, outbursts, whining, and other behaviors. 
Enhanced mental health and improved parental perspective towards child post-therapy.
PCIT increases family-related happiness in parents compared
to families who don’t
receive therapy.