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ANN  (Amygdala, Networking, Needs)

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ANN Meetings


2022 - 2023


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What’s ANNs goal?

During ANNs, Amygdala's team, clinicians, social workers, case managers, etc., discuss community observations, client needs, caregiver questions, provide training, and/or anything else that may be relevant to working with clients in the community.   Additionally, community stakeholders throughout the bi-state area are encouraged to network and share resources that could benefit the community.

What is the Crisis to Connection Quarterly Stakeholder Meetings aka ANN meetings?

ANN (Amygdala, Networking, Needs) meetings are community stakeholder meetings for people involved in crisis and community mental health work. ANN meetings are a way to connect and report on the progress of our work, share information and resources, and provide a space for learning and training. ANNs are also an opportunity for community members to engage and interact with sub-committee members.

Who should attend?

All community organizations and individuals who help people in crisis and in need are encouraged to attend.

When & where are the ANN Meetings? 

ANN meetings will be held during the first month of the quarter (January, April, July, and October) on the 4th Friday of the month from 9 am to 10 am CST.

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