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Practising Yoga with Mom
Are you at home with your child and not sure what to do?

Below are fun easy

Nana Activities 

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Grandchildren provide care, love, support, and hope for grandparents.  

Let's Paint

items needed: 





Set out paintbrushes. Ask your child what painting canvas they'd like to paint on. For example, give them a few options such as paper, wood, wooden art, old toys they no longer play with, etc. Sit down to play with your child and start painting. Mix colors to identify new ones and count how many brushes are there. This will teach your child counting, how to make new colors out of currently available colors, that it is okay to explore and do things differently.

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Grandchildren can bring grandparents closer to their adult children.  

Let's Draw

items needed: 


-writing utensils

-etch a sketch

-electronic device


Kids mimic what we do! If we draw, they will draw!


The cover picture is drawn by a 4-year-old midwestern boy. He frequently asks his Nana to draw for him but never engaged in the activity...until one day he picked up the etch a sketch and drew a baker!  

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