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At Amygdala Co, we connect parents and children to evidence-based clinicians for  
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Therapists
and Behavioral Health Professionals
to reduce externalizing behaviors (i.e., anxiety, defiance).

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Breaking barriers with new behaviors

Parenting doesn’t come with a rule book.


In the heat of the moment, it can be overwhelming to quickly apply best parenting behavior practices.


At Amygdala Co, we empower parents/caregivers by using a teach-the-teacher approach to therapy. Our Therapists pass skills onto parents and parents pass their newly developed skills onto their children. 

Post-treatment research shows therapy increases parents’ confidence in their ability to control their child’s defiant behavior and reduces-to-clinically eliminates child externalizing behaviors. 

Has your child displayed any of the following behaviors (diagnosed or undiagnosed)?

  • Abuse

  • Acting out

  • ADHD

  • Aggression

  • Anxiety

  • Conduct disorder

  • Defiance

  • Depression

  • Disobedience

  • Disruptive behaviors 

  • Explosive behaviors 

  • Inattention

  • Manipulation

  • Negative attitudes

  • Negotiation

  • OCD

  • ODD

  • PTSD

  • Restrictive thoughts

  • Seasonal Depression 

  • Sibling fights

  • Stress

  • Talking back 

  • Tourette Syndrome

  • Whining

Our therapists can help

Helping humans increase day-to-day happiness.

Our mission is to reduce unwanted externalizing behaviors by disseminating preventative services, such as parent-child interaction therapy, to parents/caregivers and children, throughout the Midwest. 

How to get started

  1. Look through our website to see if PCIT is right for your family. 

  2. Do you need a specific mental health service provider (i.e. child behavioral assessment, babysitter)? Check out our parent portal for more information.

  3. Email our team with questions.

  4. Complete a family screening for services.

How to get started

“Parents are the agents of change”

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