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Can your child (ages 2-8) stop displaying any of the following diagnosed or undiagnosed behaviors? (I.e. anxiety, tantrums, depression, ADHD, nail-biting, fighting, fidgeting, yelling, explosive behaviors, talking back, Tourette syndrome, anhedonia, etc?)


Amygdala Co is here for your family.  

To learn more about PCIT, send your email and we will reach out. 

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Key PCIT features: 

Coaching. Amygdala's Clinicians equip parents with the skills necessary to reduce problem behaviors (i.e. hitting, shouting, etc.) through real-time de-escalation techniques. 

Data. Here's the thing, if therapy isn't working, we don't want you to stay in it. Our Clinicians collect data weekly to ensure unwanted behaviors are in fact decreasing and family-related happiness is increasing. 

Support. During therapy, if a child is throwing a tantrum, the parent wearing a Bluetooth in the ear, will be guided in real-time through the situation, to help your child calm down in an easy manner. 

Playing with Matches

PCIT helps parents/caregivers and children improve effective communication skills, strengthens the parent-child relationship, and assists families in building in the moment joy during daily lives.

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