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Skill Development

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Need Special Time Toy Ideas?

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During 5- minutes of special time, we are modeling behaviors.

For example, suppose we are upset and throw an adult temper tantrum (i.e., having an attitude, lying to get out of something). In that case, our children can consciously or unconsciously adapt our behavior.

When we spend 5 minutes a day with our child, that’s 35 minutes a week, 1820 minutes per year, of setting a real-time example for them, modeling how to interact with others (instead of telling).


During Special time, we want to over-use positive PRIDE skills and underuse negative behaviors (i.e., in-direct, direct commands. “Here is the lego (indirect command), “put the blocks over there” (direct command).

Tip of the week: Children model behaviors shown to them. The behaviors we like (i.e. love, being polite) and the ones that we don’t like (i.e. anger, frustration).


Modeling the behaviors that we want to see will help to increase positive behaviors from our children.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -All the people who’ve ever said this


Ways to get Special Time in


1. Schedule it daily


         During school days, try before bedtime.

         During summer, try in the morning or after lunchtime


Remember that we (parents/caregivers) are sacrificing our time now for more time later. Once we learn the skills of PCIT, we will have an easier time interacting with our children. 


PCIT is NOT always easy. 

Doing the 5-minutes of homework is NOT easy. 

However, as the saying goes, “if it were easy, everyone would do it.”

Special Time

Need Label praise examples? 

Special time is important to kids.
Parents, has this happened to you?

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