You are an amazing human, enjoy life

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Questions when changing behaviors.

  • What is our self-worth?


  • Where do we want to be in 1 year?


  • What can we do right now to start changing behaviors?

Learning to control anger and frustration will produce better life outcomes. 

Prenatal Yoga

Being in our moments reduces stress

Hatha Class

Next time we get upset:

Stop; Pause the mind.

What does this mean?

Pretend we are a statue that can’t explode only breathe...

This technique is best used sparingly. Our goal is to effectively communicate, rather than shut down. 

The best way to proceed is with a clear mindset

Mother and Baby Exercising

Exercise: If we are able to do pushups, air squats, arm circles, jump, run in place, stretching, and/or physical activities to get our energy out, we will begin to calm down and think clearly